12 September 2012

beautiful handmade blankets

made by Gypsya. Dying over these! They're so pretty. And hand-stitched, that would take forever!
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  1. I love these and am saving up a bit extra to be able to buy one for my very own.

  2. Oh I'd love to own one of these - beautiful

  3. Well, I suppose it depends on how 'handmade' is defined. If you mean 'made by an artist in a studio one at a time by herself', then, they're not handmade. If you mean 'made by a group of people in an impoverished country being paid a few cents an hour for their work and very probably employing child labor', then yes, they're handmade. Otherwise known as 'kantha' quilts, and currently flooding the US...

  4. Beautiful quilts! How do i follow this blog? xx

    1. My RSS is on the right side, "subscribe to" or I love to follow blogs with bloglovin.com! :)

  5. You can get these via Fair Trade - known reputable co-ops of Indian and Pakistani women who need this money! Many of them are made from recycled saris. I won't be afraid to purchase these. Just Google "Fair Trade Kantha quilts".


  6. I wondered myself, as a quilter and getting into the GOTS certified organic cottons, how they were able to sell these for next to nothing...now I know. As someone who does make things at home by hand, I think these are, however beautiful they may be, are a misrepresentation. Shame on the Etsy seller. Sell them for what they are...don't sell them as a handmade item if you aren't doing it yourself.

  7. I love how people comment about things they nothing about :). I know a couple of the gypsya people. They work in an etsy approved collective along side other artisans to create these beautiful blankets. "Shame on you" for making such an ignorant comment!

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  9. Gypsya is an importer; they aren’t designing or creating these items, so far as I can tell. Certainly not their quilts, which are identical to quilts sold through other import shops.

    Not Gypsya:




    That’s why they are cheap, except, not surprisingly, you’re still getting a hefty mark up for that illusion that this might actually be made in Utah.